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Pilot FAQ Page

The Pilot


The pilot is the first phase of what will eventually become the new Recon. We’ve opened it up to a few select Recon members so that you can get a glimpse of the future of Recon, give us your feedback, and help us find any bugs that we haven’t spotted.

The initial phase of the pilot only includes the most important core features – the Guys list, Profiles and Messaging – but over the coming months you’ll see many other new and existing features being added to the pilot, as well as additional functionality we’re working on for the core features. The pilot is currently supported in English only.


Not yet. For the initial phase, the pilot is web-only.  We’re working on the iOS app, but it’s not ready just yet. For an app-like experience on mobile, you can add the pilot website to your Home screen. We’re also making the pilot website more mobile and tablet friendly so you can see adult images which apps don’t allow.

Sign Up for the Pilot

When I sign up for the pilot, how long does it take for my Recon profile to get synced?

When you sign up for the pilot, it can take several minutes to sync your Recon profile over to the pilot. If you can’t login right away, try again later. If you’re still having issues, email us at and we’ll sort it out.

How can I report a bug?

Just click or tap the “Report a bug” link in the feedback widget to send us a bug report. If you’re happy to, include your email address when you report a bug in case we need to contact you to get more information.

How can I send you feedback?

Just click or tap the “Give feedback” link in the feedback widget to tell us what you think. Your opinion matters, and any feedback you send helps us better shape the future of Recon.


Profiles in the Pilot

How can I see my own profile?

There’s a shortcut to your own profile in the header of the pilot. Just click on the little thumbnail of your main profile picture, and you can view your own profile. The ability to edit your profile in the pilot is coming soon.

When I make a change to my profile on Recon, when will I see those changes?

Changes made to your profile on Recon are synced with the pilot, but that doesn’t happen immediately. It can take a little time for changes you make on Recon to show up on the pilot, and you may need to refresh the page you’re viewing to see them.

If I block someone on Recon, can they see my profile or message me?

No, they can’t. The data that tells us who you’ve blocked on Recon is synced with the pilot, so if someone on your Recon blocked list is also participating in the pilot, you won’t be able to see each other’s profiles or send each other messages.

Why can’t I see all of my Recon friends?

For now, the Friends feature in the pilot will only show your friends who are also participating in the pilot. In a future phase, we’ll be adding all Recon profiles and then you’ll be able to see all of your friends.

Why can’t I see my Recon favourites?

The Favourites feature is undergoing some changes. We’ll be replacing it with a new Following feature in a future phase.

What is the feed I’m seeing on profiles?

That’s one of the exciting new features coming soon! You’ll have your very own personal feed which others can see when they visit your profile where you can share all kinds of things with other members. For now, your personal feed only shows the date you joined Recon, but there’s lots more to come!

Why can’t I see Safe Sex when I view someone’s profile?

We’re making some changes to the Safe Sex options so that you can better share your views on this important topic with other members. Once those changes are complete, they will be added to the pilot.

How can I delete my profile?

The ability to delete your profile has not been added to the pilot yet, so if you want to delete your profile you have to do that in Recon. When you delete your profile in Recon, it will also be deleted in the pilot.


Guys List in the Pilot

Why can’t I see all Recon profiles in the Guys list?

For the first phase of the pilot, you will only see other pilot participants in the Guys list. All Recon profiles will be added in a future phase.


Messages in the Pilot

Why can’t I see all of my conversations on Recon in Messages?

For the initial phases of the pilot, you can only have a conversation with other pilot participants. Conversations you have on Recon won’t appear in the pilot Messages feature as they are not being synced yet. That will change in a future phase, when we will begin syncing messages between Recon and the pilot so that you can have a conversation with anyone. Conversations with other pilot participants are intended to be temporary, and will be purged once we start syncing messages on Recon with the pilot.

Why don’t I get notified when I get a new message?

Push notifications are not implemented yet.  When they are, you will be notified in the pilot when you get a new message.

Why can’t I see conversations I’ve had with other pilot participants on Recon?

Conversations you have with other pilot participants are not synced with Recon. For now, you can only see these conversations when you’re in the Messages feature in the pilot.

Photos in the Pilot

Can adult photos be in my main profile photos?

No, all main profile photos must be non-adult. Adult photos are still allowed in photo albums.

Can other pilot participants see my photo albums?

Yes. For now, all pilot participants can see your public photo albums, even if they’re a standard member.


Location in the Pilot

How is my location determined?

The geolocation currently used on Recon is being used to determine your location and proximity to other pilot participants when you’re using the pilot. For the initial phases, your profile won’t show a ‘home’ location.


Other Features in the Pilot

Why can’t I see all Recon features?

Existing features from Recon, and some exciting new features which will only be in the new Recon, will be added to the pilot in phases over the coming months.  For the first phase, we focused on giving you the most important core features – the Guys list, member profiles, and messages. As other features are completed and additional functionality is added to the core features, you’ll see them appear in the pilot.

Why don’t all of the buttons work?

Some buttons don’t work yet, but we put them there anyway because we wanted to give you a glimpse of what’s coming in the next few phases of the pilot. If you click or tap on a button and that feature isn’t ready yet, you’ll see a “Coming Soon” message. Check back later, they will be coming soon!

Which features haven’t been implemented yet?

Quite a few! The initial phase of the pilot has been focused on getting the core features up and running so that you can see other pilot participants in the Guys list, visit their profiles to check them out, and have a conversation with them. Stay tuned - over the coming months, you’ll see more features being added to the pilot.


Standard vs. Premium Members in the Pilot

Do the restrictions on Recon still apply if I’m a Standard member?

Not for now. Standard member restrictions have not been added to the pilot yet. In the initial phases, standard and premium members can both enjoy unlimited access to the features available so that all pilot participants can give us their feedback on what they think and help us spot bugs and work out any kinks.

How do I know if someone is a Premium member?

Pilot participants who are premium members on Recon display a Premium member icon in the Guys list and on their profile.

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