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All about the Message Centre

You've found yourself a nasty guy to message and now you're well and truly in the throes of a new dirty scenario. Here you'll learn about how to remove and save a message, what 'My Visitors' means, where to find all your sent messages and how to add notes.
How do I remove a message from my Message Centre?
There are two ways to remove a message from your Message Centre.
You can remove a message from within a conversation by choosing the ‘remove’ button which appears on the top left side of the Message Centre.
You can also remove a message from your Messages tab by going to the ‘X’ next to the message that you want to delete.
Doing this will remove the entire conversation between you and another member. This will also remove the conversation in your Sent tab as well.
In each situation, a confirmation screen will appear before the conversation is removed.
How do I ‘save’ a message?
Messages stay in your Messages tab so there are a few options on keeping a specific message.
You can create a note for the member by saving the message as a note by going to the ‘Add to notes’ icon within that message or you can simply leave the message in your Messages tab.
We recommend that you create a note for any information that you wish to keep in case you accidentally remove the conversation from your Messages tab.
How do I create a note?
There are two ways to create a note for a member.
You can go to the member profile and go to the ‘Create’ button in the Notes section just underneath the profile statistics A pop up box will open where you can write in your note.
You can also keep a message from a member as a note. Simply click the ‘Add as Note’ icon on the message you wish to keep and it will be added as a note for that member.
How do I edit a note?
You can edit the contents of a note by going to the Notes tab in your message centre and opening the notes for the member you are looking for.  Go to the ‘Edit Note’ icon for the note you wish to edit. A pop up screen will appear with the note and you’ll be able to edit it.
How do I delete a note?
You can delete a note by going to the Notes tab in your message centre and opening the notes for the member you are you looking for. Go to the ‘X’ icon for the note you wish to delete. A confirmation window will appear before the note is deleted.
My Visitors
The ‘My Visitors’ section on your Message Centre shows the last ten people who viewed your profile. Find ‘View Full List’ to see the full list of members who viewed your profile for the last thirty days.
Favourites Online
The ‘Favourites Online’ shows you the last ten Friends or Favourites who have logged into Recon. Choose ‘View Full List’ to see the list of all of your Friends and Favourites online.
The Sent Tab
The Sent tab on your message centre shows you all of the messages that you have sent. If you’ve removed a conversation between you and another member, the sent messages will have been removed as well.
You can choose to have your browser emit a sound when you receive a message, are cruised or when one of your Friends or Favourites comes online. You can change these settings by going to ‘My Account’ and then to ‘Preferences’. Please note that this feature may not work on all browsers.


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