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Deleting your Profile

You might have reached a point where you no longer need your profile. We hope it's because you've found exactly what you need from us! 

You don't have to leave us completely; Visit our Help article to read about how you can Hide your profile.

 IMPORTANT: Deleting your account will permanently and irrevocably remove your profile and details from our database. You will not be able to reinstate it in any way.



Delete your account by going to the top right-hand menu and select "Settings". At the top you will see 3 tabs "My Account", "Preferences" and "Privacy". Select My Account and you will see the option to "Delete Account".

At this point, you can opt to hide your profile or continue to delete your profile.

When you select "Delete Account" you will be asked to select a reason as to why you're leaving, should you not see the reason, below the 6 issues, you can select "Other Reason" and then the Delete Account button will become clickable.

Finally, before the profile is permanently deleted, you will be asked to enter your password, once you have entered your password, you will receive an email notifying you your profile has been successfully deleted.



Tap the Main Menu in the top left corner and tap Settings.

You'll see 2 tabs at the top, "Account" and "Preferences". Tap the Accounts tab.

In the "Manage My Account" section, select ‘Delete My Account’.

Please note – If you are a premium member, you will lose any days and will not be refunded your remaining credit.

You will be presented with several reasons as to why you’re leaving, please tap the relevant reason and depending on which reason you select, you may be directed to type in your password to confirm deletion, be offered to contact us if it’s something we can assist with, or provide text for more detail.

Once you have finished making your changes you can continue on Recon by tapping back on the Main Menu  and navigating elsewhere. 

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