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Why was my photo(s) removed?

Whenever you upload a new dirty photo, not only does your photo go straight on to our website, but it also goes into a queue for us to review and classify them. 

Once we've had a good, hard look at them, we might move them around if they are deemed to be adult. If that's the case, they will be moved into your 🔒Private Gallery.

Some pictures might not be adult enough to be moved to your 🔒Private Gallery, but still might be a little bit too much on the side of risqué - if that's the case, you can still have them on our website, but people who use our apps won't be able to view them. This is because of the strict licensing laws that Apple and Google Play have on apps in their stores.

If your pics are a little too filthy and you've broken our terms and conditions or uploaded something illegal, we'll delete them from the website altogether.

If you believe your image was classified incorrectly, the best thing to do is to re-upload the image to go through the classification process again to see if a different outcome occurs. If you're still denied the use of your photo, give us a shout on and we'll take a look into things for you.



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