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What is the difference between a Friend and a Favourite?


What is the difference between a Friend and a Favourite? 

A favourite is somebody whose profile you have ‘tagged’ so that you can more easily find them or message them when you log in to Recon. 

Often people use the favourites feature to keep a list of people they’re interested in.

Your favourites can not be seen by other members. 

Friends are like a ‘super set’ of your favourites, and work in exactly the same way. Once linked, the Friend’s profile details will display on each other’s profile as “a friend”.

You can upgrade any existing favourites, or link a new member profile to yours. In order for a member to be displayed as a Friend both parties must agree to be friends by issuing and accepting Friends invitations.

How do I add members to my Friends list? 

Simply go to the ‘Friend or Favourite’ button that is shown on the member profile page. 

Then you will have the option to add this person as a Friend or a Favourite, click Friend.

If that member accepts your request, they are then added to your Friends list.

If they are already a favourite you will only have the option to upgrade to a friend, or remove them as a favourite.

What happens when I invite a Friend?

When you invite a member as a Friend they will receive a friend invitation. The invitation will display in their ‘Incoming Requests’ panel on the Recon homepage.  The request will remain active for 7 days, after which time it will expire.

You can only issue as many pending requests as you have remaining spaces for Friends or Favourites (i.e. 500 if you have no existing friends or favourites already).  Invitations will take 7 days to expire, so if you’ve used up your allocation you will not be able to issue any more until they expire.

If your Friend invitation is accepted you will see a confirmation in the Alerts panel. 

How many Friends can I have?

We’ve increased the number of Friends and Favourites to a total of 500 (in any combination). 

If you hit the maximum number, you will have to remove some Friends or Favourites to add any new ones.

How do I change my sound notifications?

You can choose to be notified when your friends or favourites come online by going to the top right hand menu, selecting 'Preferences' and then locating the Message Centre option.

Here you'll be able to change how you're notified about friends and favourites coming online.

How do I remove Friends?

If you want to remove someone from your Friends simply go to their profile and go to the 'Friend or Favourites' button. Then select 'remove from favourites' and go to the save button. 

Can I opt out of Friends?

Yes, you can opt out of Friends by going to the top right hand menu, selecting 'Preferences', and then locating the Features menu.


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