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Gift Memberships

What is a Gift Membership?

The Gift Membership feature allows you to buy a Premium membership for another Recon member as a gift.

How do I buy a Gift Membership?

You will be able to see a 'Member Gifts' panel on the right hand side of the profiles that you visit - but not on your own or the ones that you have previously blocked.

Choose the 'Buy Now' button within the Member Gifts section. You will be prompted to select the desired membership and then be taken to our Secure Payment page. 

You will be notified that the payment has gone through and we will automatically contact the recipient on your behalf and let him know that he's received a gift from you. 

What kind of memberships can I buy?

You can buy 30, 90, 180 and 365 day Premium Memberships. 

I have received a Gift Membership - how can I redeem it?

Gift Memberships can be redeemed from the Gift Membership panel that is found under the top right hand menu and then 'Membership'

Choose the 'Redeem Now' button and the membership will be added to your account. If you already have membership time, this will simply be added on to the membership time you currently have. 

Please note that you have one year to redeem the Premium Membership before it expires. 

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