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To access the search page, go to the 'Search' link from the left hand menu. All of the fields on the page will default to the last member search you performed. 

The Select and Deselect toggle buttons are available above the multiple criteria fields of the search options. They enable you to select all or none of the options. 

You are able to select multiple options within a specific criteria box by clicking and highlighting your option while holding the CTRL key (on a PC) or Apple Key (on a Mac). (You are unable to do this on a tablet)

Clearing a search

To clear all of the selections on the page, go to the 'Reset Page' button which is located within the Detailed Member Search panel. 

Saving a Search

You are able to save a search by entering your criteria and going to the 'Save Search' button at the bottom of the page. You will then be prompted to enter the name of the search you have created.

The Saved Search feature is available for both Standard and Premium members.The Premium Member Search Criteria is only usable by Premium members.

You are able to save a maximum of 10 saved searches.

If you have one or more saved searches on your account, a drop-down list of your saved searches will display in the Detailed Member Search panel.  You are also able to quickly access your saved searches by hovering your cursor above the 'My Searches' link from the left hand menu.

Renaming or Deleting a Saved Search

You are able to rename or delete a saved search. To do so, select the saved search from the drop down menu or the 'My Searches' link on the left hand menu and the 'Delete Search' and 'Rename Search' buttons will appear at the bottom left hand corner of the search page.

Please note that if you have saved a search using the Premium Member Search Criteria, this particular saved search will only be available to you while you are holding a Premium membership account.

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