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Meeting people from the Internet

When arranging to meet someone keep these things in mind:

  • take your time - get a 'feel' for the person before you meet.
  • talk on the phone a few times before arranging to meet.
  • meet in a public place.
  • don't immediately accept an invitation to their place, unless you know they are genuine.
  • meet in a place where other people are present.
  • don't get picked up from your home.
  • always provide your own transportation to and from your meeting place.
  • tell a friend where you're meeting your date, where you are going and when you will return.
  • leave your date's name and phone number with a friend, or where they can be found if you return late.
  • send yourself an email saying where you are playing, with whom, when you will return, and their contact details.
  • call a friend to say you are safe when you have met your date.
  • agree a "signal" that will tell a friend if you are worried.

If you invite someone to your home, don't leave any valuables on show, or leave your date alone - unless you know they are genuine.
Use your judgement, remember that you make the decisions - you decide when you feel comfortable meeting someone.

You're never obligated to get together with anyone, no matter how many e-mails or messages you've exchanged.

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