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Pages not displaying correctly

It’s possible that your web browser is ‘caching’ the old page and not showing the new page.

To speed up browsing, web browsers are built to download pages, graphics, etc. to your local computer and to store them there in an area called the ‘cache’. When you go back to the same page again, the information is loaded from your cache, rather from the internet site, and so the page loads much quicker.

Sometimes, the cache will not realise that a new version of the page has been put onto the website, and so you will continue to see the old page rather than the new.

You should ensure that your cache updating is set to “automatically update” for the best performance.

It is possible to clear out the contents of your local web cache. The way to do this will depend on which browser you are using and which version you have. See 'clearing your cache' for help with this.

In addition, some ISPs (internet service providers) cache pages locally themselves to reduce bandwidth costs. Where this is the case, it can be upto 24 hours before any updated pages will refresh. Unfortunately this is beyond our control.

If you have tried clearing your cache, have confirmed your browser settings are set to automatically update when viewing web pages, and you are still experiencing problems,or think you are getting errors on the site please send us a support request.

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