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All about Message Centre (iPhone)

How do I see my received/sent messages?

The messages that you receive are shown under your ‘Messages’ tab.

The unread ones will appear with a closed red envelope icon next to them and in a light grey colour as background.

The others that you have opened already will be shown with an opened grey envelope icon next to them in a darker grey colour as background.

The messages that you send are shown under your ‘Sent’ button. 

You can see on both tabs when those messages were sent or received and if the members they relate to are online.

How to attach pictures to messages

After you have written your message, tap on the camera icon button next to the message text area.

You will then be presented with a drop down menu of your different galleries and photos stored on your profile, with the option to upload more.

You can attach up to 10 photos per message.

Once you have selected the pictures you wish to attach to your message, tap on the 'Done' button and you will be taken back to the main message screen.

How to remove a message

You can also remove a message from your ‘Messages’ button section by sliding a finger across either way on the selected message.

Doing this will remove the entire conversation between you and another member. This will also remove the conversation in your Sent tab as well.

In each situation, a ‘Remove’ button will appear and ask for confirmation before the conversation is removed.

Recon Official Messages/Spammers/New Member warning

Recon Official Messages. All messages from Recon to your message centre will show up as an 'Official Recon Message'. 

Also the background of the message will be watermarked with Recon’s logo.

All messages sent from Recon do not link to a member profile (in the way that all member originated messages do) .i.e. You cannot tap on the ‘member’ picture, and there is no option to reply to them – the message reply window is always greyed out.

Spammers. SPAM messages can be used by criminals for illegal purposes – i.e. trying to get you to provide them with personal information that can be used for their gain.  A spammer will typically send out millions of messages in a day in the hope that a few people respond. 

It is important to note that the vast majority of messages you receive on Recon are sent from profiles created by other members, with the exception of the occasional messages sent from the Recon Team. Always check the message sender’s details carefully – especially if the offer sounds too good to be true.

‘This profile was recently created. Extra care should be taken to ensure the sender is genuine. How do I know if it is genuine?’. As it can sometimes take time for other members to report profiles that are used for spamming, and hence for us to suspend them, we have added a reminder on messages from newly created accounts that there is an increased possibility it may have been created for the purposes of spamming and that our members should exercise caution and use good common sense.

Blocking Members

You can always block members that you don't wish to have contact with.

Open his profile and tap on the ‘More’ menu displayed on the right hand side of the screen at the bottom of the profile page and tap on the ‘Block Member’ button.

The blocked member will be prevented from sending you any messages or cruising you.

To ‘unblock’ the member, follow the same steps and the commands to reverse the process.

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