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Travel Plans (Android)

What is the ‘Travel Plans’ feature?

If you are visiting another region whether in your own country or another part of the world and you wish to contact hot guys in the areas or let them know you are travelling to them, the ‘Travel Plans’ feature will enable you to include your trips on your profile so that the rest of our members know that you are visiting.

Equally, if you're at home, Travel Plans will allow you to see who's visiting your area up to 90 days before their arrival.

Where can I find this feature?

It will appear on the main app menu list, on the left hand side of the screen, under the menu ‘My Account’.

How does it work?

To add travel plans. To enter your trip location and dates, simply tap on the ‘Add’ button.

A panel with four different fields ( I will be visiting, Specific area, From and To) will appear on your screen.

Insert the desired information followed by ‘Save’ at the end of the process. 

Please note that the location on your profile (origin) must be different to the location that you are travelling to (destination) for your travel plan to be created.

To edit travel plans. Tap on the travel plan that needs changing.

The action will revert to the panel with the four different fields you originally filled in when setting up the travel plan from scratch, where you will be able to review/amend your existing trip details.

To delete travel plans. Swipe across the travel plan that needs deleting to activate and tap the ‘Delete’ red button that will appear on the right hand side of the trip entry, to permanently remove the selected trip from your ‘Travel Plans’ panel.

Please note that:

If you add more than one travel plan, all of them will appear in chronological order.

Your travel plans will automatically appear under the 'Calendar' tab.

If you are leaving one city and arriving to another on the same day, you will be shown on both destinations on that same day. 

What will I find on the ‘Calendar’ tab?

‘Calendar’ shows both the parties you are due to attend as well as your travel plans, all of them in chronological order.

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