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Adding Photos

So now you've updated your profile with some nasty text to get your future playmate's attention, now you need to upload those hot pics to really get noticed!

Photos must be in JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG format and cannot exceed 50MB in size.

To add photos, go to the top right hand menu and choose 'Manage Photos'.

Once you're there, you can choose the gallery that you would like to add your photo into from the drop down box at the top of the page. Once you've picked the gallery you want to add photos into, click on the Plus sign.

Adding a Main Photo

1. IF YOU HAVE NO PHOTO IN YOUR MAIN PHOTOS GALLERY, PLEASE MOVE ON TO POINT 2. If you have all of your main photos slots filled, you will need to delete a photo first. Do this by clicking on the photo and clicking on the Trash Can icon to delete it from this gallery. It won't delete the photo in full and it will still be in the gallery you moved it from. 

2. Go to the Main Photos gallery and click on the PLUS symbol.

3. When you have clicked on this, you will need to pick a gallery for your photo to appear in. Your photo must be in another gallery for it to appear in your main photos gallery.

4. Once you are in the gallery you need, if you already have a photo in that gallery that you wish to use, clicking on a picture selects the photo. You can select more than one photo if you have more than one slot in your Main Photos gallery. If you need to upload a new photo, click on the plus symbol and follow the prompts on screen. Once you have uploaded the photo in that gallery, you will need to click on it to select it.

5. When the photo that you want to move is selected, click on the red tick at the bottom of that box. The box will then close and you will be able to see the new photo in your Main Photos gallery.

Deleting a Photo

You've had your fun with your photo and now's the time to delete it. To remove a picture from a gallery, all you need to do is find the gallery that houses the picture, select the picture and click on the 'Trash Can' button.

This will permanently delete the picture from your gallery. 

Please note that if you remove an image from your Main Profile Photos gallery, the icon will look like an 'X' and the image will still remain in the gallery from which it originated.

Editing a Photo

Sometimes you need to fiddle about with your pic to get it looking just right. To edit a picture from one of your galleries, just select the picture and go to the Red Magnifying Glass button.

This will open the photo in an edit window.

From this window you will be able to rotate the picture (left or right), flip it or crop it using the buttons in the top right hand corner.

Make sure to click 'Save' after you have finished making changes to the photo in order to exit the editing page.

Moving a photo

If you like organising your photos, you can change which order your photos appear in by selecting the picture and dragging it over to the place you would like it to be in. You can only do this using a PC or Laptop.

To grab a hold of an image (drag and drop), place the cursor over the image that you wish you move and hold the left button of your mouse down. 

This 'grabs' the photo. 

You can now drag the image to another location. 

Once you have dragged the picture to where you would like it to appear, simply release the left button on your mouse to drop it into that space.

If you want to move your photo from one gallery to another, click on the photo to select it and then click on the Arrow button that will appear to select the gallery that you would like it to appear in.

Photo Classification

The law insists we take all reasonable steps to prevent minors accessing images that are not suitable for them, and to ensure that no illegal material appears on our site. 

Whenever you upload a new dirty photo, not only does your photo go straight on to our website, but it also goes into a queue for us to review and classify them. 

Once we've had a good, hard look at them, we might move them around if they are deemed to be adult. If that's the case, they will be moved into your 🔒Private Gallery.

Some pictures might not be adult enough to be moved to your 🔒Private Gallery, but still might be a little bit too much on the side of risqué - if that's the case, you can still have them on our website, but people who use our apps won't be able to view them. This is because of the strict licensing laws that Apple and Google Play have on apps in their stores.

If your pics are a little too filthy and you've broken our terms and conditions or uploaded something illegal, we'll delete them from the website altogether.

If you believe your image was classified incorrectly, the best thing to do is to re-upload the image to go through the classification process again to see if a different outcome occurs. If you're still denied the use of your photo, give us a shout on and we'll take a look into things for you.


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