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Photos (iPhone)

Classification Process

We classify every image that is uploaded to Recon.

This is to ensure that no illegal material appears on our website and fully complies with Apple’s standards for apps.

Whenever a member uploads a new photo, they select which gallery the image will appear in and it will be visible straight away. 

The image will also be put into a queue for classification.

If you have uploaded an adult image and placed it on your profile page, it will be removed and placed in your private gallery.

Apple does not permit front or rear nudity on their apps. This includes glimpses of backsides or pubic hair and such pictures will not be visible on our app.

If you believe your image was classified incorrectly, the best thing to do is to re-upload the image to go through the classification process again to see if a different outcome occurs.

If you have uploaded an image that is not allowed on the website, it will be removed.

This includes (but is not limited to) the list below:

  • Images showing a person who appears to be under 18 years of age
  • An image which shows a substance that looks like excrement or vomit
  • Images that you do not have permission to use nor do not hold copyright for
  • An image showing any activity that may result in permanent physical damage
  • Watersports
  • Images showing piercings in progress, severe bruising, broken skin or blood
  • An image which shows asphyxiation such as a noose round someone’s neck
  • Images that are likely to offend (e.g. political or racist images)
  • An image showing illegal activates (e.g. drug taking, etc...)
  • Any image with a gun/knife pointing at someone
  • Images that have no relevance to the theme of the website
  • Images that are to small to be viewed
  • Photos that have been corrupted (and therefore cannot be viewed) on upload


How to Manage your Photos

To add photos to your profile, tap on the 'More' menu on the main app page, and then tap on the 'Manage Photos' on the next screen.

A new window will appear with a list of your galleries: Main Photos, Public and Hidden.

To upload photos, tap on the gallery that you want to upload your photos under and tap on the buttons ‘Add Photo’ or ‘Remove’ to action your request.  

Once chosen, the uploading will start immediately after the picture is selected.

To create a gallery, tap on the ‘Add’ button that you will see on the right hand side of the screen and follow the steps.

To move photos to another gallery, use the ‘Move to’ button.

To remove a picture, tap on the selected photo and the on the ‘Delete’ button.

If you want Recon to randomly select your main profile picture randomly, activate the option ‘Randomly choose main profile photo’ if necessary.

Please remember that you will be able to upload up to 8 different photos of non sexual content

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