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Editing your Profile (Android)

Edit Profile 

To edit your profile, open the side menu and tap on the 'Edit Profile' button in the My Account section. You will then be able to change your profile text, your Location and your Stats. 

If you are looking to review/amend your email address and/or password, you will then be able to do so on the 'Account Setting' button also under the My Account section.

How to Manage Photos 

To add photos to your profile, tap on the Recon logo in the top left corner to open the side menu and tap on the 'Manage Photos' button in the My Account section. 

A new screen will appear with a list of your galleries. 

To upload photos, tap on the gallery that you want to upload your photos under and tap on the buttons ‘Add Photo’ or ‘Remove’ to action your request. 

Once chosen, the image upload will start immediately after the picture is selected. 

To create a gallery, tap on the image icon that you will see on the right hand side of the screen and follow the prompted steps. 

To move photos to another gallery, tap the image you would like to move. 

Tap the ‘Move to’ button and select which gallery you would like to move the image to. 

To remove a picture, tap on the selected photo and the on the ‘Delete’ button. 

If you want Recon to randomly select your main profile picture, activate the option ‘Randomly choose main profile photo’ within your Main Photos gallery. 

Please remember that you will be able to upload up to 8 different photos of non-sexual content in your Main gallery.

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