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Push Notifications/Sounds

When someone sends you a message, the Recon Mobile application will notify you with either a Badge (the number of messages received being displayed in a red circle in the corner of the Recon Mobile application logo), a Sound, an Alert or any combination of the three. To edit the settings and choose which of the notifications you wish to receive, go to “Settings” then “Notifications” and choose “Recon”. You will be given the option to turn each of the available notifications ON or OFF.


Recon emails – can I opt in/out?

To review or change your Contact Options (emails that are sent to you from us), log into our website and click on 'My Account' from the main menu and then 'Privacy Settings' from the left hand menu and locate the Email contact section.

If you need to view our full Privacy Policy you can do so by clicking on the link at the bottom of the home page.

Please note: Online messages are occasionally sent to members’ message centre. These include system notifications, membership renewal reminders, upgrade/downgrade notifications etc. These important messages will still be sent regardless of the contact options setting.

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