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Deleting Your Profile (Android)

You might have reached a point where you no longer need your profile. We hope it's because you've found exactly what you need from us!

In order to delete or hide your profile, you must go on to the main desktop website to do so. You cannot do this from the App.

You don't have to fully delete your profile if you don't want to - you can temporarily hide it instead. Your profile will become invisible to anyone else, but it also means that you can 'un-hide' it at any point and none of your details will be lost. You can do this by going to the top right hand menu, choosing 'Privacy' and then finally 'Visability'.

We'd be really sad to see you go, but if the time has come for you to leave us behind, you can delete your account by going to the top right hand menu, choosing 'Account Settings' and then finally 'Delete My Account' and follow the on screen instructions.

Unfortunately, for security reasons we are unable to delete accounts on behalf of members. 

IMPORTANT: Deleting your account will permanently and irrevocably remove your profile and details from our database. You will not be able to reinstate it in any way. If you have remaining premium membership credit, this will not be refunded.

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