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Photo Classification

We love it when you upload lots of your filthy pictures, but there are some pics that we can't have on the site, so we will remove them if we see them.

When you upload an image, it gets put into a queue for classification as we must make sure nothing inappropriate has been uploaded to Recon.

Once we've classified the photo, you might find that the photo will be removed from the site if we feel it breaks one of our classification rules.

We will remove any photos that show the following. Please note this list is not exhaustive:

Illegal or extreme images

  • Illegal practices (in accordance with UK Law) such as bestiality, snuff pornography or child pornography.
  • Any image which contains a minor. This includes the background of the image.
  • Any image which shows blood, urine, excrement or vomit (or what appears to be)
  • Soiled clothing with urine or excrement (or what appears to be)
  • Severe bruising
  • Anything which could cause permanent or lasting damage or harm (like needles!)
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Broken skin

Bondage/Breath Control

  • Bondage where a person is fully restrained (hands and feet) and is wearing a gag
  • Anyone who appears to be in distress or having trouble breathing
  • Asphyxiation/Hanging/Strangulation
  • Masks or Hoods where there are no visible breathing holes (excluding breathable materials)
  • Ropes or chains around a neck which are tight and/or being pulled on

Sexual Images

  • Fisting past the wrist or more than one fist
  • Penetration with large objects
  • Speculums in use
  • Overly gaping anus
  • Rosebuds/Prolapsed anus

Political/Racist images

  • Nazi or SS imagery, uniforms or symbols
  • Any other hate symbols
  • Political imagery and statements


  • Guns, knives or weapons used in a threatening manner against another person
  • Personal information including names, addresses or telephone numbers
  • Internet memes
  • Images which just contain text or are mainly covered in the text
  • Artwork which does not depict a person or the quality of the image is low

Commercial images such as items for sale or event posters

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