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All About Filtering

You can now filter the types of men you want to see on the Profiles page!

How to turn it on

Just go to Profiles in the left hand side menu and click on the Filter On/Off button at the top of the page!

Filter Off

Filter On

How to change your filters

Just click on the pencil symbol to open up the editing page which will look a bit like this:

Any filter that is active will show up in RED so you can see what you have selected. Play around and choose exactly what you want from 

- Age
- Interests
- Date Created
- Members with photos
- Travel within the area

Click on the refresh symbol to go back to standard settings or just click on the red tick button if you are happy with your choices!

You don't need to change your filter each time you turn it on - we save your previous settings so you can get on with the more important stuff.

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