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Photo Classification - Android

We have guidelines we must follow so that Recon can be enjoyed by all our members.

These are rules that are set out either in law, or so we can have our app available to you on your mobile device.

Images which are visible to everyone in your main photos and public galleries need to follow these guidelines below:

  • No nudity - this includes bums from any angle including the side, visible pubic hair and trying to hide your genitals that are photoshopped or cleverly held items.
  • No images of sex - real or simulated.
  • No erections through clothing, tenting or touching your genitals (clothed or not).
  • Images that display bodily fluids or what may appear to be bodily fluids.
  • No close ups of your crotch (clothed or not)
  • No copyrighted images or images that aren't of you.
  • No images of artwork, sculptures etc which do not depict a person or the quality of the person within the image.
  • No political imagery or statements.
  • No images covered in text or internet memes.
  • No images of advertising allowed (e.g items for sale, events etc)
  • You must own the copyright to the photos or have the written permission of the copyright holder. The copyright holder is normally the person who took the photograph.
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