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How to block another member

If you do not wish another member to be able to contact you, cruise you or see your profile, you can block them. This is useful if you have a member who is persistently contacting you, and you do not want this to happen again or if a member is bothering you. 

There is a limit to 50 blocks. Because of this, we recommend that you do not use the block feature to filter your lists. We do have a filtering ability on all of our lists which lets you tailor who you see.

How do I block another member?

You can block the member by pressing the Block button from their profile page.

You'll be asked for a reason for blocking this member


Please note - Members do not get sent a confirmation message if you block them.


How do I unblock a member?

Click the Main Menu  menu_button.PNG and click Blocked List.

You'll be able to unblock members individually by clicking the 1.PNG or to unblock ALL members you can select the  2.PNG and select to unblock all.



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