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How to share your profile outside of Recon

Recon allows you to share your profile with people that aren't members on the site, by creating a unique URL for your profile, which we call your "public profile" for example


What does this mean?

A 'public profile' can be shared with friends that aren't on the site to include on other platforms or social media and help connect people with you.


How can I opt-in/out of having a Public profile?

Click the Main Menu  menu_button.PNG and click Settings.

You'll see 3 tabs at the top, "My Account", "Preferences" and "Privacy". Select the Privacy tab.

In the "Your Public Profile is" section you can either select or de-select the "Enable my public profile".

Please note, by having your public profile enabled, should someone guess your URL, or share your URL somewhere, this would be visible to anyone on the internet. 

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