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How to change the visibility of my profile?

You may wish to take a break from Recon and hide your profile, so instead of deleting your profile, you can simply just change your visibility settings and hide it.


How do I make my profile visible / invisible?

Click the Main Menu  menu_button.PNG and click Settings.

You'll see 3 tabs at the top, "My Account", "Preferences" and "Privacy". Select the Privacy tab.

In the "Visibility" section you can either select or de-select the "Make my profile Visible".

Once you have made any changes, please scroll to the bottom of the page and press save.

Please note, the save button will not be clickable if there are no new changes to save.


Will anything happen to my profile & messages if I change my visibility settings?

Once your profile is set to hidden, it will no longer show as a profile on Recon until you change your visibility settings to visible.

You will be able to open your Message Centre and read your messages, however you wont be able to interact with any members while your profile is hidden. This includes sending friend requests, cruises or messages.

Any messages sent or photos shared will still be visible to both parties, however your profile will now appear as "Profile not found" until you change your visibility settings to visible.

You'll appear to any members that have you as a friend as "Profile not found" on their friends list.


For instructions on how to delete your profile permanently please visit our help article on 'How to delete your profile'.

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