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Change my advertising preference

Our apps and website include advertising, occasionally we’d like to show sponsored content and ads that are more relevant to you.

To do this, we need to use some of your personal data (interests, age, travel plans, town/city of residence, events you’ve attended, and premium membership status). 

Please note - We’ll never pass this information onto our advertising partners, however,  if you visit another company’s website via one of our ads, our Privacy Notice does not extend to that site. 

What is targeted advertising?

For example, if a leather company wanted to offer a discount code to our members who have an interest in leather, we could send the message to members who have selected leather as an interest and have opted in to receive tailored advertising.


How do I opt-in/out of targeted advertising?

Please note – This isn’t something you can change on the App currently, to make changes you’ll need to access our website from a browser and follow the steps below.

Click the Main Menu  menu_button.PNG and click Settings.

You'll see 3 tabs at the top, "My Account", "Preferences" and "Privacy". Select the Privacy tab.

Here you can select or de-select the option to receive targeted advertising.


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