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FAQs about your Personal Data Permissions

* If you are having issues completing the Personal Data Permission Pop-Ups, please find tips at the bottom of this page.


What is this new Data Protection Law?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a new EU privacy regulation with strict guidelines on how your personal data is to be handled.

Why are my images being classified outside of the EEA? Where are my images being stored?

Your images are stored in the EU. Your photos are only accessed by our moderation team and they are located outside of the EEA in India. The moderators only have access to photos under strictly-controlled conditions. They are a large, global, content moderation service and they also classify images for other apps and have done work for large companies such as Google.

What if I don’t agree with the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Notice and want my data back before my account is deleted? 

T101 doesn’t want to deprive you of your data if you can’t agree to our Privacy Notice or Terms and Conditions. If this applies to you, we shall need your permission to process the data into a Zip file and to be able to verify that you are the owner of the account. Please contact our Customer Services from the email that is registered to the account that you are going to delete and they will be able to help you.

Why do I have to agree to your Privacy Notice to use Recon?

The GDPR requires us to obtain your consent to handle your personal data and to tell you how we process it.

The Privacy Notice sets out in more detail how we treat your personal data, and we need you to agree to this before we can legally continue handling that data.


Why are you asking about my ethnicity and safe sex preferences?

When you create a profile on Recon, we ask you to disclose information about your sexual orientation and your sex life so that you, and other members, can find people with similar interests.

You have the option to disclose your ethnicity and your attitude to safer sex, however, these are now optional fields because they are particularly sensitive.

If you choose not to disclose your ethnicity or your attitude to safer sex, your profile will not display them, and you won’t appear in searches where specific attributes of these categories of data are specified.


Why would I need to share my profile outside of Recon?

Recon allows you the option to share your profile with people that aren't members on the site, by creating a unique URL for your profile, which we call your "public profile" for example

A 'public profile' can be shared with friends that aren't on the site to include on other platforms or social media and help connect people with you.

This is something you can turn on/off at any time in your settings.

Please note, by having your public profile enabled, should someone guess your URL, or share your URL somewhere, this would be visible to anyone on the Internet. 


 What is Targeted advertising? 

We already choose ads that we think our members will find interesting, but we realise that some members may only want ads relevant to their specific interests. 

If you would like us to make the ads more relevant to you, you can opt into targeted advertising. 

Should you choose to opt-in, we will still select the ads you’ll see using your interests, age, travel plans, town/city of residence, events you’ve attended, and premium membership status, but more of the ads will be about your specific interests.

An example of how this would work is if a leather company wanted to offer a discount code to our members who have an interest in leather, we could send the message to members who have selected leather as an interest and have opted in to receive targeted advertising.

Please note - We’ll never pass your information onto our advertising partners without your permission, however, if you visit another company’s website via one of our ads, our Privacy Notice does not extend to that site.


Can I opt out of advertising altogether?

As a premium member using our mobile apps, you will not see banner advertising, please note this excludes sponsored messages and posts.

You can’t opt out of advertising altogether, however, we only allow advertising that is relevant to our members.


Having issues completing this?

If you are having technical issues completing the Personal Data permissions, please try the following:

- Try clearing your browser's cache, You can find guidance here

- Try on another browser.

- Check your browser isn't zoomed in or out as this may effect the pop-up.

If these don't work, please message us on letting us know you've tried to clear your cache, zoom and what browsers you've tried and we can look into this further from you.

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