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Recon events during Covid-19 FAQ

Recon is committed to being more inclusive and welcoming, creating a safe space for all of our event attendees:

All are welcome regardless of race. Trans men are welcome.



Some of the venues we'll be hosting events do not have a mask or vaccine mandate in place. We do, however, suggest that if you decide to attend the event, you are double-vaccinated or have tested negative for COVID-19 within 24-48 hours prior to the event.

 If you feel safer, please feel free to bring and wear a facial mask. We will, however, be doing temperature checks on entry.


Where possible, we will also have hand sanitiser stations dotted around the venue. If you have any questions regarding the venue’s COVID-19 safety policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the venue directly about it.


LUBE: We provide plenty of free condoms and lube. However, if you want to bring your own lube (mixed lube, like J-Lube) security may ask you to test it on your own skin before entering the venue as a safety precaution.


POPPERS: ONLY sealed bottles are allowed to be brought into the venue; however FIRE does sell poppers.


PHOTO/VIDEO: Before you buy a ticket for our event, we want to make you aware that our photographers will be taking pictures of crowd scenes. T101 Ltd. owns the copyright to those photographs and uses them in its blogs, news articles and marketing materials. We do not tag people who appear in the photographs or single out individuals in any way. You will see posters at the event telling you that photographs are being taken and to whom you can make yourself known if you want to avoid being photographed. You won’t be denied entry to the event if you choose not to be photographed in these crowd scenes.


ASK FOR ANGELA: Both Recon and some of our venues are using "ASK for Angela" and we're are committed to ensuring the safety of our partygoers. If you’re feeling threatened, vulnerable or unsafe in any way, please talk to a member of the security, venue staff or events team. Ask for Angela and they’ll try to support and assist you.  



Ask For Angela:

Safer Sounds:


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